Bernese Mountain Dogs

AKC Registered

1 year old female Leonberger with an adult male Bernese Mountain Dog

 Loving Family Companions


Brighteye Bernese Mountain Dogs 
          (Glenn and Deborah Hotze)
have moved to the mountains of Northern New Mexico (40 miles south of Colorado)

After training, raising and showing Bernese Mountain Dogs for over 40 years in a Chicago suburb, we have relocated to the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountain in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Our dogs love the cool mountain air and wide open spaces.

We have competed in obedience, agility and tracking events as well has having earned many American/Canadian championships.
Many of our dogs belong to other renowned and successful dog trainers who have attained high honors and awards in obedience and agility competitions.
One benefit of purchasing a puppy from us is that you will have our guideance gained from many years of training and raising Berners. We can advise you throughout your dog's life and answer any questions that may arise.
We are designated Breeders of Merit by the AKC which means that we perform all the necessary health screens on dogs that we breed. We can provide you with much information on health and longevity of our bloodlines going back as many as 12 generations.

In order to insure our strict principles of breeding, we do not sell puppies to anyone for breeding purposes. We require that all our dogs be spayed/neutered.

We previously owned a dog training school as well as a large pet resort in a Chicago suburb. Our positive training methods earned us "kudos" in a biography featured in the Chicago Tribune and a "forward" from Grey Stafford PHD, Director of Conservation for the Wildlife Zoo in Phoenix, in his positive training book Zoomility. Our Berners have appeared in many advertisements and TV commercials. Also in the books Your Purebred Puppy - A Buyers Guide, The Perfect Match and The New Bernese Mountain Dog.

Please e-mail us if you are interested in a Bernese puppy. With our background, we are able to provide you with much needed information before you get your puppy and we can be sure you are well prepared in advance for your new addition.

Please look through our wonderful family photos and be sure to check our Veteran's page as we are proud of our many Berners who are well into advanced ages.

Now in Northern New Mexico